Upcoming peformances:

Sorry, nog gigs planned.

Photos of previous editions of the Under the Influence shows: Under the Influence... of Alligator Mouth and Under the influence... of Ruud Valster, have been posted on our pictures page, and some edited highlights of the performance and post-gig canvas-cutting are can be found on the clips page.

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Alligator Mouth (US) and Impromptu. L-R: Amber, Rhonda, Peter, Hannah, Hans, Grainne, Ralph, Sean

Past peformances:

at festivals
We're proud to have been invited to several international improv festivals, the most recent of which were:

at theatres
22-10-2011: BOSTON, Green Street Studios, Boston, USA, "Crossing the Divide"
21-10-2011: NYC, Joria Productions Theater, NYC, USA, "Crossing the Divide"
20-10-2011: ELMIRA, Mandeville Hall, Clemens Center Pkwy, USA, "Crossing the Divide"
30-09-2011: Cameleon, Amsterdam, "Under the influence of Light"
11-06-2011: Cameleon, Amsterdam, "Under the influence of Puppets"
24-04-2011: Cameleon, Amsterdam
20-11-2010: Zaal 100, Amsterdam
02-10-2010: Zaal 100, Amsterdam
13-03-2010: Zaal 100, Amsterdam
19-11-2009: OT301, Amsterdam
20-06-2009: Zaal 100, Amsterdam
14-12-2007: Perron Theater, Amsterdam
12-11-2006: Oudaen Theater, Utrecht
01-11-2006: SPONTANéOUS International Improvisation Festival, Lyon, France
21-10-2006: Improvvivo International Improv Festival, Fermo, Italy
24-09-2006: Oudaen Theater, Utrecht
11-04-2006: National Improv Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark
09-04-2006: Oudaen Theater, Utrecht
10-03-2006: CREA Theater, Amsterdam
10-02-2006: CREA Theater, Amsterdam
14-01-2006: Improv at the Pleasance Theatre, London, UK
13-01-2006: Improv at the Pleasance Theatre, London, UK
12-01-2006: Improv at the Pleasance Theatre, London, UK
11-01-2006: Improv at the Pleasance Theatre, London, UK
10-01-2006: Improv at the Pleasance Theatre, London, UK
05-01-2006: SHIFTI International Improvisation Festival, Warwick, UK
09-12-2005: CREA Theater, Amsterdam
11-11-2005: CREA Theater, Amsterdam
14-10-2005: CREA Theater, Amsterdam
21-10-2005: Goli Oder 2005 International Improv Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia
14-10-2005: CREA Theater, Amsterdam
28-05-2005: Prinsentheater, Groningen, the Netherlands
22-05-2005: Fijnhouttheater, Amsterdam
17-04-2005: Fijnhouttheater, Amsterdam
09-04-2005: Theater Concordia, Enschede, the Netherlands
13-03-2005: Fijnhouttheater, Amsterdam
20-02-2005: Theater De Liefde, Amsterdam
09-02-2005: 10th Amsterdam International Improvisation Festival
14-01-2005: Theater De Liefde, Amsterdam
27-12-2004: Stranger than Paranoia Festival, Tilburg, the Netherlands
17-12-2004: Theater De Liefde, Amsterdam
27-11-2004: Prinsentheater, Groningen, the Netherlands
19-11-2004: Theater De Liefde, Amsterdam
15-10-2004: Theater De Liefde, Amsterdam
11-10-2004: European Festival of Improv Theatre, Münster, Germany
11-06-2004: Theater de De Liefde, Amsterdam
16-04-2004: Theater Cameleon, Amsterdam
06-02-2004: Theater Cameleon, Amsterdam
10-01-2004: Theater Cameleon, Amsterdam
19-12-2003: Theater Cameleon, Amsterdam
21-11-2003: Theater Cameleon, Amsterdam
03-10-2003: Theater Cameleon, Amsterdam
05-09-2003: Theater Cameleon, Amsterdam
10-05-2003: Theater Cameleon, Amsterdam
12-04-2003: Theater Cameleon, Amsterdam
22-02-2003: Theater Cameleon, Amsterdam
14-02-2003: Nationaal Congres Engels, Zeist, the Netherlands