March 2021
  • And seven years go by without a performance... even though this group still means so much to all four of us. Many of you will know that three of us (Ralph, Hans, and Hannah) now make music for the very wonderful Dutch improv theatre group Rauwe Vitrage, so we're still out there, kind of. We could still get together to celebrate our own 20th anniversary in 2023... who knows?
  • September 2013
  • So yeah - the rumours are true! We're getting together again for the first time since January 2012. No performances planned yet. It'll be interesting to see who we are this time around. Exciting!
  • March 2013
  • It's now been ten years since Impromptu's first performance! A landmark anniversary... so we've been thinking about how to celebrate that, and where to go from here...

  • Old news...

    Friday 23 December 2011
  • We are excited to have been invited again to appear at the 16th edition of the Amsterdam IMPRO Festival. We will be playing with Bert Apeldoorn and his extraordinary puppets, as the first of the festival's new Late Night Shows presenting new and experimental improv forms, on Monday evening 23 January 2012.
  • Monday 26 August 2011
  • We have been doing shows for quite some time. We have build up a nice collection of flyers and anouncements. You can find them on our flyer page.

    Thursday 16 June 2011
  • Thanks to the many who came to watch our second show with Bert Apeldoorn and his life-size puppets. It was a pretty dark and scary show, but I have it on good authority that the youngest audience member, a girl of 13, can still sleep at night. I'm posting some stills of this performance on the pictures page.
  • Our next Influence will be the special interest of the visual artist Emese Csornai: light. What happens when the lighting technician becomes a full-fledged member of the group? What happens when improv actors get to play with stage lighting in real time? What happens when the whole definition of 'improv theatre stage lighting' is open to question and reinvention? Come and find out! The first performance of Under the Influence... of light will be on September 30, also in Theater de Cameleon.

    Thursday 28 April 2011
  • Thanks to all you stalwarts who came, on a gorgeously sunny Easter Sunday afternoon, to our first gig under the influence of Bert Apeldoorn and his life-size puppets. It was wonderful to see so many of you!

    Sunday 20 February 2011
  • So we did a double bill with Alligator Mouth, from upstate New York, one of the very few US improv groups to be using music, movement, voicework, etc in their improv, and lo, it was fun! The rehearsals were especially interesting - there were so many ways to engage, to share, to complement each other's approaches. Anyway, long story short - we're family now. And they've invited us to the US, and we're going - October 15-23. We'll rehearse together for a few days, then put something on stage in Corning, New York and Boston. Yay!

    Monday 30 August 2010
  • Alligator Mouth, from upstate New York, one of the very few US improv groups to be using music, movement, voicework, etc in their improv, have been persuaded to come over and do a double bill with us at Zaal 100 on 20 November. Doors open at 8pm and the show starts at 8.30pm, as usual. But this will not be a 'usual' performance. Since there will be eight of us on stage, you can expect something extraordinary, unprecedented, and unrepeatable! :-)

    Saturday 22 May 2010
  • We're playing Under the Influence... of Ruud Valster at Zaal 100 in Amsterdam for the third time on Saturday 2 October 2010, and this will probably be the last of these crazy gigs with Ruud - at least, in a theatre - so if you haven't seen it yet this is your last chance!
  • Another development is that Ton Haas, one of the Netherland's top improv theatre talents, has been leading some of our rehearsals. We're all really enjoying the benefits of his clear vision and phenomenal expertise!

    Monday 25 January 2010
  • We're playing Under the Influence at Zaal 100 in Amsterdam on Saturday 13 March 2010, and this might be the last of these crazy gigs with Ruud for a while, so if you haven't seen it yet do come along. There's something really nice about being able to take a piece of the show home... must be because this never happens in improv. :-) After this we want to try being 'under the influence' of something new...

    Monday 21 September 2009
  • Photos of the premiere of Under The Influence have now been posted on the pictures page. If you have any photos of this event you'd like us to put on the site, send them along!
  • For those who you who couldn't make the premiere, rejoice! Impromptu will be giving another performance of Under The Influence at OT301 in Amsterdam on November 19 2009. Your chance to see the show - and pick up a signed Valster at bargain basement prices!

    Sunday 21 June 2009
  • Well, yesterday's Under the influence première went really well - a full house, lots of kind words about the show, lots of spilled champagne, and practically the whole of Ruud's painting cut up, framed and sold. It's a lovely feeling to know that about 20 of these paintings are hanging in people's houses as a memento of the evening. Thanks to all of you who came and helped to make it such a success! If you saw the show and want to say something about it that we could use to promote it to other theatres and venues, please do - send it to ralph (at) impromptu (dot) nl. The event was filmed, so we will be posting pictures and clips as soon as they become available. And for those of you who missed it, we will be putting it on again in the autumn, either at Zaal 100 or at OT301. Details to follow.

    Wednesday 29 April 2009
  • NEW IMPROMPTU SHOW 'Under the influence' premières in Amsterdam
    We are excited and delighted to announce that on Saturday evening, 20 June 2009 we present a new show in Amsterdam's Zaal 100. It's called Under the influence and it will be the first of a series in which we invite a fearless creative artist to join us on stage and take part in the creation of an instantaneous theatre piece. To kick off, we've invited Dutch visual artist Rudolf Valster to inspire us. Ruud works with both abstract and figurative forms and he loves colour. He will set up three large canvases and paint as we play, inspiring us and taking inspiration from us, and if the rehearsals are anything to go by, taking part in the pieces as well - he's also a musician. :-)
    There's more. At the end of the evening, having watched these images take shape, you will be able to buy a picture frame, go up to the works, and literally frame that part of the work that you like best; Ruud will then cut it out and mount it on the spot. These paintings will be ridiculously cheap, 10 - 50 euro (depending on the size of the frame), so don't miss this chance to own the original Valster of your choice!
    Zaal 100 is in the Staatsliedenbuurt, on tram 10. It is a popular venue for avant-garde music, poetry and theatre performances, it has the cheapest bar in town, and we are delighted that they are happy to host our latest mad scheme. We look forward to seeing you there!

    Friday 17 October 2008
  • Ffff... ffff... just blowing off the cobwebs... it's been almost a year since I posted any news and it's really musty in here. Of course, after a year's silence you're entitled to some news... so, where shall I start?
  • OK, first things first: just before she left to travel through Suriname for a couple of weeks, Jacqueline decided to leave Impromptu. Now it's always a bit strange and sad when someone you like decides it would be better to leave your group, but there it is. 'Change, the only constant', etc. Hans, Hannah and I talked about what to do next - and that led to the next bit of news:
  • Grainne is back! Yes, Grainne took about a second to decide to accept our invitation, so we're back to the original killer lineup. It's been two years and we've all shed some stuff and grown up a bit in the meantime, so it will be really interesting to see what we make. We start rehearsals this month.
  • We also took two more radical decisions. We decided that instead of chasing subsidies and theatre gigs in the Dutch theatre circuit, where most venues are much less flexible and open to experiment than they were three years ago, from now on Impromptu is going to play only at festivals and by invitation. And we also decided to change the way we play. From now on we will open each performance to fellow improvisers who want to join us and share their own theatre skills, whatever they are. See this page for more. We hope this will both keep our flame alive and allow us to learn from others exploring possibilities in the same area. And of course I also hope that it will encourage festivals to invite us. :-)
  • This means that Impromptu will be playing in Amsterdam less often than we used to. If you'd like to be informed of what we're doing, where and and when, join our mailing list. Don't worry, it's guaranteed spam-free; hell, for the last year it's been practically message-free! :-)
  • One more bit of good news: lots of multidisciplinary improv initiatives seem to be popping up these days. Thomas Johanssen (of the Genetic Choir) wants to host a regular IMPS@WORK&SOUP!, and he and Iris van Peppen are giving a voice/dance workshop in Utrecht at the end of November. Which is great!

    Sunday 25 November 2007
  • At 9pm on Friday 14 December we are performing in Het Perron, a snug and intimate theatre (with bar) in Amsterdam's Jordaan district. There are only 50 seats, so book yours now on their website! We present Tra-La-La, an improvised musical dialogue (mostly in Dutch) with the audience. With shameless revelations, experimental narrative forms, unusual exchanges, unexpected turns, humour, poignancy, and lots of gripping songs made up on the spot - Impromptu is back! Of course, we hope to set up some more gigs in the near future.
  • This just in: our girl Jacqueline won the ImproVision Song Festival! OK, strictly speaking she was in the winning duo, but we only care about her. :-) Way to go, Jacqueline!
  • More news: we now have a Google Group, Impromptu Theatre, to handle our mailing list, which was getting too big to deal with using an ordinary mail account. If you'd like to sign up for the Newsletter, which gets sent out about once a month with news of upcoming performances, come on over.

    Saturday 10 November 2007
  • It's been many moons since the last Impromptu newsletter, and several friends have asked me: hey, what's up with Impromptu, is it all over? Well, we did take quite a long break while I was in south-eastern Europe doing field research for my here+now festival project and while we all thought about where to go next as a group. But in recent months we have been rehearsing again, researching new forms for what we do. The first of these, to be launched on Friday 14 December, will be an improvised song programme. Other projects are in the pipeline.
  • In June of this year I went to Seattle's 11th , whose theme was 'Jazz'. There were workshops with Christian Swenson of 'Human Jazz' fame, with Seattle jazz bassist and singer Laura Welland, and with artistic director and long-form improv figurehead Randy Dixon; and there were long-form performances in which all 25 attendees took part. And I have to say: while long-form improv players worldwide are taking on the challenges posed by music, movement, and abstract work in general, what Impromptu has been doing as a group since 2002 is still unique. :-)
  • Until Impromptu announces the first of its new shows, here are some links to other events you may be interested in:
    - 'Monday Match', an improvised music and dance event held at the new BIMhuis on the first Monday of every month. Admission is free and there is a great disco afterwards!
    - dance contact improv lessons and jams are held every other Saturday at Zaal 100;
    - Hannah's new kids' show and links to ImproActief, her new improv cabaret group;
    - a new improv group that Jacqueline has joined, the Impro Allstars.

    Thursday 6 September 2007
  • At last, we're coming out of hibernation! (Hang on, where's the sun gone?) After months of having lots of important other stuff to do (starting businesses, separating, moving house - don't get me started), the Impromptu foursome are taking up the reins again. My goodness, I've missed it so much. Anyway, this month we start rehearsing our new show. Without giving too much away, it will be a very musical show that we plan to be able to put on anywhere, not just in a theatre. Still, the first tryout will be held in a theatre space in Amsterdam, on 30 November. I will post more results as they are confirmed. And I hope that you, our lovely supporters, will be there. We're sorry to have kept you waiting so long!

    Wednesday 4 April 2007
  • Well, long time no post - but the sun's coming back at last, so here we are as promised: the first update for 2007. I suppose the first thing to report is that I came back in one piece from my 6,500 km journey to the countries of central and south-eastern Europe to research for the multidisciplinary improv festival I want to set up, here+now. The blog's complete for the time being, so if you want an impression of where I went and what it was like there, now's the time to take a look. I've also set up a little website for here+now itself if you're interested about that. If you have any tips to give me about European improv groups - whether working in theatre, dance, music, film, radio, video, or anything else, new initiatives and combinations in particular - that you think I should know about, please mail me!
  • As far as Impromptu is concerned, we are rehearsing again, in an exploratory way, towards a new form. We think that pretty well everyone in Amsterdam who wanted to see what we do has seen us by now, so we see little point in organizing lots more of the same gigs here (if you disagree, tell me!). So we have no gigs lined up right now - and we won't have any for quite a while yet. Of course, if you're running a festival, we'd love to come!

    Thursday 16 November 2006
  • Our performance at Theater Oudaen in Utrecht was the last for this year. We are taking some time to think about what direction to go next year; the tougher commercial policies being adopted by many of Holland's art theatres is making it risky to set up lots of theatre appearances. And I'll be away until mid-January with the first stage of here+now anyway. So: have a good winter equinox, however you choose to celebrate it, and this blog will come out of hibernation in 2007, as the sun begins to push back against the cold and the rain. :-)

    Thursday 9 November 2006
  • Back from an exhausting week at Lyon for their SPONTANéOUS improv festival. A big event, with 50+ participants, mostly from Francophone areas (France, Belgium, Quebec) but also elsewhere (us, Narobov from Slovenia, and Unexpected Productions from Seattle). A crazy schedule: we were all up at 10am, and never in bed before 4am... but there were lots of performances to see (and take part in). Perhaps the most original aspect of the festival was the film side: anyone who wanted to, could make a film - but it had to be ready in 24 hours - story, casting, music, editing, the lot. And many of the films were really very good! Just goes to show: constraints are often the best incentive to creativity.

    Wednesday 25 September 2006
  • We just got back from Porto San Giorgio, near Fermo, on Italy's Adriatic coast, where we played at Improvvivo's international improv festival. A very enjoyable weekend marred only by the fact that we were the only non-Italians there. :-) We swam in the sea, ate exotic seafood and piles of heavenly ice-cream, got our hair cut, and did everything else one ought to do in Italy. Our anxiety that non-one spoke English turned out to be unfounded - the audience understood us and liked us effusively. Francesco Trasatti, the organizer, has plans to turn Improvvivo into a national and European centre for cross-disciplinary improvisation; and to judge by his determination and energy, it'll probably happen. :-) I'll post the photos of this trip when they come in.

    Friday 8 September 2006
  • A new project has been born: collecting experiences and details of contemporary unscripted performance art in central and eastern Europe (theatre, dance, music) with a view to putting on a festival in Amsterdam in 2007 or 2008, by going there in the Citroen DS and driving round for a month. It's called here+now, and here's the blog. Of course, the whole thing could simply be a midlife crisis; you tell me. :-) Still, I'm definitely going, starting with the first leg - to Ljubljana and Goli Oder 5 - on November 21. Does anyone want to give me a tip about travel, life, art, people, or groups in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Budapest, Bratislava, Brno, or Prague?

    Wednesday 23 August 2006
  • We are delighted to welcome our new fourth member: Jacqueline Fleskens (see the bio page). An wildly enthusiastic musician and multi-instrumentalist, an experienced improv player, the owner of a lovely singing voice, and a huge bag of laughs, Jacqueline was a natural choice. She will be playing at all our gigs from now on, including the upcoming international festivals in Lyon and Fermo. Which leads me naturally to the news that:
  • We've been invited to two more international improvisation festivals, one in Lyon, France and one in Fermo, Italy (see the the gigs page). Lyon is a week-long festival with some world-class acts and workshops (Unexpected Productions, Narobov), so that will be great; and Fermo is a weekend festival in an unbelievably gorgeous theatre on the Adriatic coast, so that will be great too! :-)
  • We have decided to do our Dutch gigs IN DUTCH! We were getting quite a lot of feedback that the English was an unexpected (and sometimes an unpleasant) surprise to the audience. And there's no doubt that our work can reach a larger audience in Dutch. So if you are Dutch you have something to look forward to - and bring a different set of friends to! And if you have no Dutch, just ask me for a lift to one of the international festivals in the yellow DS. :-)

    Monday 22 May 2006
  • We've been invited to the 10th International Festival of Improvisation in Seattle. It's the most important date in the world improvisation calendar. Exciting! But it's a pity they don't invite people three or four months earlier, so they can at least try to get a subsidy - it costs $300 to take part and the flight is another €500! :-(
  • More good news: the wonderful Albert van der Veen, a piano restorer, tuner and dealer, is also charmed by our tiny piano and has undertaken to get it in working order by September. Yahoo!

    Sunday 21 May 2006
  • OK, we have selected a candidate for our new fourth member! She is Dutch, plays lots of instruments, sings beautifully, and is a complete live wire... but I can't tell you who she is yet. (Or I could, but then I'd have to kill you.) We're holding three rehearsals with her, and if they work out we will announce it in a special newsletter... wish us luck!
  • Next big news: as of September we are going to be playing in Dutch! Since we are looking for lots more gigs in the Netherlands it seemed perverse to insist on doing them in English. That said, in practice I suspect we will be playing in more than one language. And why not? Everyone in Holland speaks at least Dutch, English and one other language. Let's see how we feel!

    Friday 14 April 2006
  • I just posted a job description for the fourth player we are looking for on the recruitment page.

    Thursday 13 April 2006
  • Well, what can I say? Grainne is leaving the group. Since Impromptu takes up so much time and pays so little, I suppose we should be delighted she hung on in as long as she did - but we will miss her terribly. Everyone who ever saw Impromptu play will acknowledge that she was wonderful to watch, and from our point of view her contribution has been invaluable. Besides being a delight to play with, behind the scenes her theatre experience and insight has done much to make us who we are. She wants to continue to give us input, coach us as actors, and jump in if we need someone at short notice - and we will be delighted to let her. :-) Grainne, thanks for everything!

    Wednesday 12 April 2006
  • Thanks to all those who came to Theater Oudaen last Sunday and gave us such a good time. We'll definitely be back - and this time, we'll make sure they turn the heating on! :-)

    Sunday 19 March 2006
  • Thanks to everyone who came to CREA on Friday 10 March and made it such fun! We love you!
  • We have been asked by Utrecht theatresports group 'Joepie de..!' (thanks Sylvia!) to play in Theater Oudaen in Utrecht on Sunday afternoon 9 April. This magical little theatre is hidden in Stadskasteel Oudaen on the Oude Gracht in the middle of town. It's got a tuned baby grand and everything. It's going to be great! Hey, wouldn't it be cool if every theatresports group in the Netherlands set up a gig for us...? ah, dreams. *sigh*

    Sunday 5 February 2006
  • At last I've added some new photos: from Goli Oder 2005 and SHIFTI 2006. More are on the way, hopefully also some from the Pleasance Theatre in London. And I know, I know, it's about time I posted some video. We're working on it.
    In the meantime: do come to CREA this Friday - how else are we supposed to pay the bills? :-)

    Sunday 23 January 2006
  • Home again... and it's taken me a week to recover from all the excitement, driving, and lack of sleep. SHIFTI was great! Twenty impro groups covering dance, music, theatre and every possible combination, showing their stuff and workshopping it for each other. High points: making friends and contacts and getting tons of really useful, positive feedback from like-minded artists; the success of our own workshop; Julyen Hamilton's dance performances and workshop; the London Improvisation Orchestra; meeting Rex 'Hossi' Horan; the collective jam at the end. Low points: the sense of suppressed aggression permeating Coventry's public spaces; leaving our bongos behind at the hotel by mistake. Warning: avoid the bizarre and revolting fluid served as 'fruit juice' in Corus hotel breakfasts. :-)
    How shall I sum up our London experience and playing at the Pleasance Theatre in Islington? No theatre car park, an immediate parking fine and our trailer broken into by the local urchins, a tiny little theatre, friendly staff, interested audiences, Chinese food at 11pm on the way home to Peckham (thanks Vick!), and Andy Eninger + Adrianne Frost being reliably 'awesome'!
    I will be posting some of the reviews and feedback we got by mid-February.

    Tuesday 3 January 2006
  • Can it really be two months since I last posted anything here? And, for that matter, six months since I promised to add new pictures to the site? Oops...
    The really big news at the moment is that the FAPK has agreed to honour our application, submitted at the last minute, for a subsidy to help us get to SHIFTI and London this January and to Copenhagen in June. Yahoo! Kudos and big thanks to them for deciding to support us.
    The result is that we are all setting off tomorrow in my lovely Citroen DS Break to go to Coventry for SHIFTI (performance and lots of workshops) and then on to London, where we will be playing the Pleasance Theatre for an entire week! An improv group couldn't ask for a better learning experience. :-)
    And I promise to post the new pictures as soon as I can. :-)

    Wednesday 2 November 2005
  • Just got back from Ljubljana, where Hannah, Grainne and I had been invited to play at Goli Oder (The Naked Stage) 2005, Theater Narobov's own improv festival. Damn, that was fun! It's such a privilege to get workshops, comments and feedback from some of the best improvisers in the world. Even if they don't always see the point of what you're trying to do. :-) Every day we had two workshops, two shows and a social programme, so we're shattered... but I wouldn't have missed it for anything. And Ljubljana is so beautiful. As soon as Ryanair or Easyjet set up a cheap flight - go!

    Wednesday 10 October 2005
  • More festival attention! We've been asked to play at the 2006 International Improv Festival in Copenhagen, in June. It's great to be getting this much attention, but finding the money to actually travel to these festivals is more of a problem than I'd anticipated... :-)
  • The SHIFTI festival (Warwick University, Coventry, UK, 5-7 Jan 2006) has posted a website with more details of performances and workshops:

    Friday 16 September 2005
  • The Dutch Embassy in Slovenia has agreed to pay for our plane tickets so we can attend Goli Oder in Ljubljana. A last-minute rescue for which we extend the most heartfelt thanks!

    Sunday 21 August 2005
  • Three dates have been agreed with CREA Theater in Amsterdam for the 2005/6 season, starting in October. Details on the gigs page.

    Sunday 31 July 2005
  • Brought the website up to date with the momentous changes of last month and added some explanatory text. I will be adding lots more pictures Real Soon Now.

    Saturday 30 July 2005
  • It's been four months since I posted any news, and so much has happened in the meantime! It's been a real rollercoaster. To start with, we grasped the nettle and decide to return to the four-player lineup we'd had before we asked Johanna and Laurens to join us. In other words, we had to ask Laurens and Johanna to leave. I hope we never have to do something like that again... but it had to be done. The mood in the group was deteriorating and we were getting further and further from our original goals: continuous risk-taking and full, continuous involvement in the performance. Laurens and Johanna were very understanding and they wish us well, which means a great deal to us.
    We've had a couple of rehearsals to get used to the new lineup and it feels great! By September or October I trust we can treat our audiences to the work they come to see: dealing with fear and freedom... and taking improv risks to new levels!
  • No news yet of a venue in Amsterdam we can use for a monthly performance, though we're in discussions with CREA and the Sugar Factory. As soon as there's news to post, I'll post it
  • Yes! We have been invited to charming Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, to play at Goli Oder ("The Naked Stage") 2005 for its equally charming hosts Theater Narobov.

    Saturday 26 February 2005
  • It's official: Theater De Liefde is to close. In fact, our performance on Sunday 20 February turns out to have been their last ever show. The last four of this season's Impromptu performances in Amsterdam will now be in the Fijnhouttheater, on a Sunday instead of a Friday. Dates on the gigs page.
    I've also added some more pictures, including some taken during the 10th International Improv Festival at the Polanentheater in Amsterdam.

    Saturday 19 February 2005
  • More festival attention! We have been programmed to appear at SHIFTI, a mixed-form improv festival in the UK in January 2006. Other groups billed will include the London Improvisers Orchestra, Bassprov (Chicago), Art and Shock (Khazakstan), Julyen Hamilton (Spain), Sten Rudstrom (Berlin), ESP (London), and others. Yay!

    Thursday 10 February 2005
  • We love playing at festivals so you can image how delighted we were to be approached by the Paris-based international improv group, the Improfessionals, to appear at their upcoming Paris International Improv Festival in October 2005! Interesting hints were also being dropped about a new experimental improv festival in Warwick, UK in 2006. News to me, and proof that Europe is where the most interesting work in this field is now happening; American improv festivals are almost all still too closely tied to comedy for my taste. Bring it on!

    Tuesday 8 February 2005
  • Great news - the wonderful Teater Narobov (you will need Flash and Slovenian to use their new site :-)) are coming to Holland! They will be playing somewhere either in the week beginning 12 April or the week after. Andre Besseling of the ICN is busy arranging a venue, and I will be making sure that Impromptu and Narobov enjoy a shared workshop. :-)

    Tuesday 1 February 2005
  • It seems that Theater De Liefde is in deeper difficulties than had been described by its organisers. An important tenant has left, and a local school is pushing hard to move into the building. By April we should know whether we can look forward to playing there next season or not. If not, the ICN will arrange a regular improv weekend at another Amsterdam venue, possibly the Fijnhouttheater. More details as soon as they are made available.

    Monday 15 November 2004
  • I've added two high-resolution pictures (the originals of the picture used on the front page of this site) to the downloads page, a scan of a German review of the Munster gig, and updated the links page to include links to all the groups I saw at Ljubljana.

    Wednesday 8 November 2004
  • I just returned from Ljubljana, where Theater Narobov put on their International Improv Festival, 'Goli Oder' (The Naked Stage). Some wonderful shows, particularly from Theater Narobov themselves and from the Austrian group Theater Am Bahnhof (Graz). Narobov really are a group to watch. A small team of dedicated and talented players, they are quietly creating an authentically European improv theatre, one both embedded in the literary and theatrical traditions of the Old World and entirely unafraid to embrace new and experimental forms. We look forward to an opportunity to offer them a stage in the Netherlands!

    Wednesday 13 October 2004
  • Just back from the 2004 International Improv Festival in Münster, where we watched a fantastic group at work: Teater Narobov, from Lubljiana in Slovenia. They did a 'Harold'-based piece inspired by a poem selected by the audience, which included more than the usual amount of music and surreal imagery. They're putting on an international improv festival of their own between 26 and 31 October (check out the festival website), but let's hope they come to Holland before too long. Watch out for them!
  • Of course, we were great too. We put on the showstopper on Monday night, to wild public acclaim. :-)) I'll put up some pictures and reviews when they come in.

    Saturday 3 October 2004
  • More great news: Theater De Liefde is back on the rails! A new organisation, Stichting WVK (Werk Voor Kunstenaars) has been given tenancy and has taken over the programming. We have definitive dates till the end of the year (see the gigs page).
  • Paul van Kemenade, the organiser of the prestigious Tilburg festival Stranger Than Paranoia, has invited Impromptu to appear at this year's event. Details as they unfold.

    Sunday 29 August 2004
  • Great news: we have two new players! We are proud and happy to announce that Laurens Joensen and Johanna Klaassen have joined Impromptu. I am sure that these young and talented players will help to lift the group to new heights of musical and dramatic quality. For more on Laurens and Johanna, see the biographies page.
  • Stichting Stap, the foundation running Theater De Liefde, was declared bankrupt in August. This means that all our bookings at De Liefde are cancelled until further notice, but thankfully replacement venues are being arranged (see the gigs page). There is an initiative to continue operating De Liefde as a local theatre, but no details have been released as yet. Of course, as soon as we know more we will post the details here and in the Impromptu newsletter.

    Wednesday 23 June 2004
  • Gaby is leaving Impromptu. The demands of a second child, his own company and a mortgage finally broke his will. :-) Gaby was the second founder member of Impromptu and his presence, particularly his musical contributions (he played great piano, guitar and drums), will be sorely missed.
    Impromptu is therefore now looking for two new players. If you're interested, jump to this page for details.

    Sunday 14 March 2004
  • At last, I've posted some new pictures. If anyone else has photos, send 'em on... :-)

    Monday 22 December 2003
  • I finally moved this website to a more reliable host - thank you - and the results speak for themselves: up 24/7 and the Impromptu site comes out top of the list if you enter "Impromptu Amsterdam" in Google. Hooray! We could still use some new pictures, though, and any reviews you feel like writing...

    Saturday 8 November 2003
  • Welcome to the new site: frameless, and fairly tidied up in lots of other ways. But I could use some new pictures. Anyone?

    Friday 30 October 2003
  • Well, all you real webmasters out there could have told me: frames are the kiss of death for search engine spiders. I've finally worked out that the way I designed this website makes it almost impossible for Google to look around in it and report what it sees. So, the next thing is to redesign the site completely. I'll either learn CSS or the site will suddenly get much simpler... :-)

    Saturday 26 October 2003
  • Hans's new double bass is pretty much done and may well be brought to our next gig. It'll be the first non-acoustic instrument we've ever had on stage... but as a home-made instrument that sort of objection just has to be waived. :-)
  • A great workshop with Randy Dixon (Unexpected Productions, Citylife) has given us renewed insights into the possibilities of having instruments on stage. Expect some changes...

    Tuesday 7 October 2003
  • For last Friday's gig we built a proper rake for the audience. It was much better for everyone - more room for the players and better sightlines for the public. And it was packed! If this goes on we'll have to start booking bigger venues...

    Saturday 13 September 2003
  • The photos page is now fixed (the code was full of references to the old hosting server).
  • Hans has almost finished building his electric double bass. Believe it or not, it folds up for easier transport.

    Saturday 6 September 2003
  • Those of you who came to yesterday's performance will be relieved to hear that Grainne's cut was glued together and will heal perfectly. We expect her to be fully functional for our next appearance on 3 October. :-)

    Sunday 1 September 2003
  • After the hosting server fell over, I brought this site back onto my own Linux box at home. This means it is not a 24/7 site but goes to sleep when we do, usually around midnight CET. :-) My apologies to our American viewers, who have seldom been surfing at an hour when we were up...