As of October 2008 Impromptu has embarked on a change of direction.

From now on, we are going to concentrate on festivals and special improv events. And in doing so we will make another big change: we will open the group to other interested improvisers - as many as our own number (usually four). We will spend a day exchanging improv techniques, particularly with regard to the natural incorporation of abstract work into narrative improv theatre, and then do the gig.

We hope that in this way we can make our form available to anyone interested in experiencing it for themselves, and also continue to learn from the insights, specialisms and experience of our peers. And get invited to way cool festivals and events. :-)

We also expect that working with like-minded colleagues in this way will keep Impromptu fresh and at the cutting edge of new improv theatre.

If you are an improviser and would like to do a gig with Impromptu, get in touch.