You'd like to book us?

Great! Get in touch with us via the contact page.

  • Naturally, Impromptu is available for programming in theatres and at festivals interested in presenting its unique brand of long-form musical improv. Festival organisers will be interested to hear that we have successfully applied for funding for international travel and accommodation costs (thank you FAPK!), which means that booking Impromptu may cost you less than you thought. Find out.

  • Impromptu is also very happy to enliven formal events. Our first ever appearance was at a conference of English teachers, and was a great success. Our ability to soak up the atmosphere, assume new personas, speak unreservedly, and provide entirely original musical entertainment may be just the mix you're looking for. Give us a call.

  • We also give workshops to groups interested in knowing more about our methods. These can be improv groups, theatre groups, or any other other groups interested in discovering what collective magic can be wrought by combining improv techniques with the intuitive use of sound, music, movement and dance. Give us a call.